Fly-In and AirShow

Fly-In and AirShow

ElseFly is an annual event held on the grounds of De Strandhoeve and is the perfect place where all open air sports come together: para-motors, MLAs, balloons, parachutists, Model building, delta and paragliders...

Costs for visitors

  • 0 to 11 years: free
  • 12 to 16 years: € 3,50
  • 17 years and older: € 5,00
ElseFly is a Fly-In: an event for pilots and by pilots. A cozy gathering for anyone interested in air sport.
Whether you are flying or coming as a visitor: it's all about sharing the love of flying
In short: you can't miss this!
Even larger than 2016 - With Air-Show!

Even larger than 2016 - With Air-Show!

But also for non-pilots ElseFly is a special experience. This year ElseFly has been expanded with a real AirShow. At regular intervals demonstrations will given by the various air sports.
Think of stunts-paragliders, parachutists jumping out of a helicopter, spectacular slaloms and fantastic formations. Just like last year, the world-top of acro-screen pilots will be flying with us as well.